Sex and Intimacy

Compulsive2Many issues can interfere with being intimate.

How do you explain to your partner that you find it difficult to become sexually aroused or have an orgasm? Perhaps the pain of sex makes it not worth the effort.

When sex ceases to exist, your lover seems more like a roommate than someone with whom you have an intimate relationship.

Conflict, sexual addiction, or a history of sexual trauma or abuse can affect relationships.

Maybe how you feel about yourself makes you not want to be touched.

Discussing sex and intimacy is challenging.

It is incredibly vulnerable to speak about issues of sex and intimacy. I get it. Sex is all around us all the time, yet it is so hard to talk about it. I believe your connection to pleasure is vital to a positive, passionate, and satisfying life both in and out of the bedroom.

I am here to guide you toward understanding where the issue may lie and how to move through it to gain the personal and partner connection you desire.

If you find yourselves navigating through the complexities of sexual dysfunction, grappling with issues like arousal, orgasm, or pain during intimate moments, know that you’re not alone. Whether it’s a dwindling libido; a sense that your partner is more of a roommate than a lover; or facing challenges with performance anxiety and expectation, compulsive sexual behavior, or love addiction, your concerns are valid – and help is at hand.

If conflicts related to sex or intimacy are causing storms in your relationship or if past traumas cast a shadow on your present, you’ve come to a place where understanding and solutions await. Feeling uneasy in your skin and struggling to connect physically does not feel good, but is a very human feeling.

5217103It’s time to have an open discussion.

In the space I offer, we can have an open conversation about the reason why sex and intimacy are challenges.

Together, we can delve into the roots of these challenges, uncover the underlying causes, and work to build strategies that bring back the joy. Remember, seeking help for these issues is not just okay – it’s a courageous step toward enhancing your sexual satisfaction and overall well-being.

Your journey to renewed connection starts here.